Designing a 600MM RC Micro EPP Flying Wing

Ok Time to Build a small 600MM Flying wing .

Build a small Flying wing that is small, sweet, harmless, portable, and fun to fly, especially in small spaces and probably weigh less than the new DGCA draft law rule of 250gms. Should be able to have some FPV gear as well.

Design Process:  

  1. Design and finalize Dimensions.
  2. Airfoil Selection
  3. Hot wire CNC a prototype and build a test model.
  4. Test fly, observe and note characteristics, if needed go back to Step 1 and improve till Perfected.

Design and finalize Dimensions.

Apart from the aspects of plane design, in order to keep the costs low, I need to think about optimizing the usage of the EPP blocks we have and reducing any wastage. We have 1000mmx1200mmx50MM EPP blocks.

A good size would be to do a 600MM Wingspan model. This ways I could chop the block into 4 parts each of 300MM width and use them to build the panels.
I further googled to see if there were any good models available in that size and found popular models including :
Techone hobby Mini Pop Wing
HobbyKing Bonsai
DW Flying Wing and a bunch of others.

All of these have a flying weight of ~ 200gms and from the various YouTube videos, people seem to have a lot of fun flying them.

So 600mm Wingspan it is.

Now for the chords, and  sweepback. I compared against our proven Speedster . The sweepback angle of 30 deg is usually pretty good. and though I would have loved to try a short Tip chord, that would make the airfoil pretty thin at the tip and may not be practical at such a small size.

Airfoil Selection.

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