3 Pack Swappable (Nutball, Flyer and Delta)

3 Pack Swappable (Nutball, Flyer and Delta)


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3 Planes for the Price of 1 ! Yes, the 3 Pack swappable kit includes 3 extremely easy to build airplanes – FT-Nutball, the FT-Flyer and the FT-Delta. CG balanced and tested . All of the models fly great. Truly unbeatable value !



3 Pack Swappable Kit

The 3 Pack Swappable kit includes 3 Extremely easy to build and fly airframes. The FT-Nutball , FT-Flyer and the FT-Delta. Swappable power pod makes it very easy to swap the power pack between these 3 airplanes. The FT-Nutball is a circular airplane which looks ultra cool. FT-Flyer is a responsive slow flying airplane which can even be flown indoors. The FT-Delta is a good way to learn about Elevon Mixing and is a good intro to Flying wings.

Build Level - EASY
Flying Level - EASY

Expert Advice

Start with the FT-Flyer or the FT-Nutball. These planes are the easiest of the lot fantastic flyers. FT-Delta requires some experience to control as its very agile and not setting the control throws correctly can cause it to be too twitchy.

Anuj KesarwaniBeginner RC Plane flier

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