Liability & Conditions of Use

In that Vortex-RC has no control over the final assembly or material used for final assembly, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damage resulting from the use by the user of the final user-assembled product. By the act of using the user-assembled product, the user accepts all resulting liability.The user is advised to comply with all local laws and regulations. Vortex-RC will have no responsibility over the user assembled product and its use.
Vortex-RC has the right to change any content on the website, product information brochure or the manuals, at any time without any notice to users.

Product Note

Color of coroplasts sheets used for our airplane, or parts may change as per the availability. Your kits shipped may be in a different colour than illustrated.

Hot wiring CNC cutting on foam sometimes leads to fine lines on foam, as it is processed. These, in no way hinder or affect the quality of the finished product .These lines can easily be sanded out. Our Q/A process examines each wing core before they are packed and you can be assured that you will get only the best.