Vortex-RC – RCIndia Community Interaction , participation and contribution.

At Vortex-RC we intend to follow a unique model. To not only enjoy the hobby but to involve the Indian RC community to participate, contribute and fly together. We stand committed to support and encourage building, flying and enjoying this sport together in India. We want all of you to fly and enjoy the sport. In view of the above, we are pleased to announce the first of our offers :

Activity #1: Do a Build thread and review one of our FliteTest models.
And we give you the model for free and credits on our page too ! 

What will be required from you :

Do a nice, professional build thread of the model, that includes the following steps :
1. Unboxing, packaging and part identification. With pictures, writeup and highlights.
2. The actual build, Step by step , with pictures, and brief write ups.
3. Electronics placement, setup and configuration.
4. final checks. – Set up the CG, battery, control throws etc
5. Maiden flight review, launch, flying and land.

1. Only one build thread per model is allowed, and applicable to FliteTest line up of models without electronics only. Currently there are 4 offerings:
FT-Explorer, FT-Bloody Baron, 3-Pack-Swappable, and the FT-22 Raptor.

2. You will need to order and pay for the model. Upon completion of the build thread and flight review, we shall re-imburse the total order amount, including shipping as Store Credits to your account. This can be redeemed against future purchases on our store.

3. If more than one member applies for the same model, we shall select the one who gets the offer. Selection will be based on flying experience, writing skills, past forum posts etc. If you done previous reviews and build threads than they will all count for you !

4. Review should be detailed and complete with pictures, as you build it. The idea here is not to just submit 2 posts of pictures, but help develop something that can be used by future modellers and builders as a help and a resource to use . You are free to dress up the final model with your paint /colour scheme to give it even better looks in our final flights

5. We shall link up the build thread from the product page as the official build thread for the model. In addition please provide us with the original HD pictures, so we can put them up on our site as well. We will give full credits and put up a note of thanks as well !

6. Title of the build thread to be :
Vortex-RC FliteTest RC Plane kit Build thread and Review

7. For any concerns and questions, before posting on the build thread, we can be contacted directly on Whatsapp. Our intention is to keep the build thread, clean , easy to read, organised and of lasting value . Again something that future modelers and read and reference against without it going into tens of pages. We shall even encourage to keep the thread locked in, to avoid stray comments, and talk which often digresses from the original topic and ends up with a thread that people fall of to sleep while reading it !

8. Timeframe to complete the build would be within one month of receipt of the model.

9. All interested members to contact via PM on RCIndia Forum or via Contact us page on our website. You need to provide your RCIndia.org Forum handle, to confirm their intention and lock in their models.

10. This offer is open to those members also who have bought from us before this announcement.

11. Final decision as to the selection of member and other matters will be held by Vortex-RC.

So go ahead and gear up for some building , we are eager to see your models up in the Air !

And remember, there will be many more offers coming up right here soon . Stay tuned. and be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter. Click here to Subscribe now and stay updated. 


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