New All-rounder version in the works !!

Designing and Building some EPP Flying Wings !

With all the new Super awesome EPP Foam Blocks that we got in stock, I want to build some EPP Flying Wings. EPP Foam is great because : A. Its strong yet flexible. So it doesn’t shatter and break easily. Can make very resilient planes that can take a beating B. Its pretty light, and […]

Vortex-RC – RCIndia Community Interaction , participation and contribution.

At Vortex-RC we intend to follow a unique model. To not only enjoy the hobby but to involve the Indian RC community to participate, contribute and fly together. We stand committed to support and encourage building, flying and enjoying this sport together in India. We want all of you to fly and enjoy the sport. […]

Introducing FliteBoard: Lightweight Paper Laminated Foamboards for RC planes

Introducing FliteBoard line of foamboards, which are lightweight, high strength paper laminated Extruded Polystyrene Foamboards, very similar to the popular DollarTree, Elmers, Adams Readi foam board, available in the US.

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Vortex-RC brings FliteTest inspired Laser Cut Foamboard kits to India

Announcing availability of Precision Laser cut Paper laminated FoamBoard Speed Build kits, originally designed by FliteTest, but modified and adapted to suit Indian materials. These kits are as close to the actual Flite Test Speed build kits as one can get and are manufactured in India.

Foamboard comparison and review

See how the Fliteboard Pro and the Fliteboard Lite compare against each other, and also against Dollar Tree Adams Readi board and Elmers FoamBoard. Learn about the differences between the 2 FliteBoard offerings, and also how they fare against the popular DTF ( Dollar Tree Foam boards ) and the Elmers Foamboard.