3MM Corrugated Plastic Sheets

3MM Corrugated Plastic Sheets


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Lightweight Coro sheets, Ideal for building smaller SPADs, 3MM Coro is a great choice.
Available  Sheet Sizes: 900MMx600MM, 450MMx200MM
Colour: Black, Red, Blue and White.



3MM Corrugated Plastic Sheets 

Coroplast, or Coro, which is a brand name given to Fluted PolyPropylene sheets, is a lightweight, sturdy, resilient material extensively used in packaging and advertising. Coroplast sheets have parallel hollow flutes which make the material very light and strong. The material usually crushes, instead of breaking upon impact. Coro bonds well with epoxy hot glue, and CyanoAcrylate (CA) Adhesive. These characteristics make it suitable for RC applications. This material is of choice for making S.P.A.D. ( Simple Plastic Airplane Designs ). The fluted design helps in hinging and folding and curving.

Technical Specifications:

  • Available Sizes: 900x600mm, 450x200mm 
  • Thickness: 3MM
  • Colour: Choice between Black, Red, Blue and White.
  • Quantity:-
    • 900x600mm: 10 Sheets per pack
    • 450x200mm: 20 Sheets per pack

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Sheet Size

450x200mm, 900x600mm


Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow