Nichrome wire – For Hot wire Foam cutting (5 Meters) 30SWG. High quality


Nichrome Wire is the perfect choice of wire for Hot wire Foam cutting. This wire is pure Nickel/Chromium wire. 5 Meters in 30SWG with a resistance of 14.18 Ohms/meter.

Nichrome Wire 30 SWG 5Meters

Nichrome Wire is the perfect choice of wire for Hot wire Foam cutting. Much better than guitar wire E string, or steel wire, Nichrome Wire is the wire built for the purpose, ie heating. The following properties make it the ideal choice for hot wire foam cutting :

Uniform resistance ensures uniform heating along the length of the wire.
Very little change in resistance during heating ensures easier voltage regulation, and uniform heating.
Does not oxidise as much – Makes it long lasting and does not break as much as guitar strings.
Thin – Create fine, sharp cuts.
Low modulus of elasticity – does not stretch as much, and is helpful in creating uniform tension during the entire cutting operation.
We stock only the best quality Nichrome wires. With no ferrous content, these wires are Pure Nickel/Chromium wires. Ideal for use for Hot wire Foam cutting and also for designing custom heating elements.

We pack and ship all our Nichrome wire in custom, Laser Cut MDF Spools. These spools ensure you get the wires without any kinks and we designed holes in the spool rim to ‘lock; the remaining end. The team at Vortex is tech savvy and does everything in a unique way. your nichrome wire length is measured and rolled automatically using our computer controlled custom CNC wire winder ! We ensure you always get the exact length always.

Note : For 12 Volt Power supplies, and usage without regulation user about 50cm ( Half Meter ) length for common HD foam cutting. For 24 Volt supplies use about 1 Meter length. This ensures a current of about 1 Amps, which is good for normal EPS foam cutting.

80/20 Nichrome Wire ( 80% Nickel, 20% Chromium )
Diameter: 30 SWG (0.315mm)
Resistance: 14.18 Ohms/meter OR 4.322 Ohms/ft.
Length of wire: 5 Meters.