Woven Fiberglass Cloth 1000mmx1000mm.

Woven Fiberglass Cloth 1000mmx1000mm.


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100% woven Fiber glass cloth. Excellent for repairing or reinforcing or molding custom parts. Cloth size is 1 Meter x 1 Meter length. Density is approximately 100GSM.


Woven Fiberglass Cloth 1000mmx1000mm

100% woven Fiber glass cloth. Excellent for repairing or forming your own canopy, cowl or pretty much anything. Use epoxy resin, Araldite, or 2 part glue to form and set the sheet. Create that perfect battery tray, repair your foamie to bulletproof status or even make servo and motor mounts! This cloth helps tremendously in strengthening and doing repairs. Use with CA to make this rock solid. A must have for any aeromodellor, RC hobbyist or anyone in Radio control model building and flying.
Use this in reinforcing Firewalls, joining wing panels, or strengthening electric motor mounts. 

Glass fibre cloth comes in a single sheet 1000mmx750mm.


  • Cloth size: 1000mm x 1000mm (1 Meter x 1 Meter)
  • Weight:110gms
  • Density :100gms/m2

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