TuffStar – 1500MM EPP Trainer RC Plane


The TuffStar is 3 channel trainer airplane. Detachable wings make it easy to transport and the huge wingspan offers light wing loading making the flight slow and predicable. In our eyes, the ideal first time trainer RC plane.

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TuffStar* EPP Trainer Airplane Kit


EPS CNC Cut Wings

Looks great

Detachable wings

CNC cut single piece fuselage

Precision CNC Hot Wire Cut

Specifications :

  • WingSpan: 1500MM
  • All-Up-Weight: ~600 gms
  • CG Location: 65MM from Leading edge (spar location)

Recommended Equipment:

  • 4-6 Channel Programmable Radio (Tx-Rx)
  • 2200mah 3S Lipo
  • 20-30Amp Brushless ESC
  • 2 Nos 9gms Servo
  • Brushless Motor 22XX or 28XX series.
  • 7-8inch propellor

Whats Included :

  • EPP Fuselage
  • 2 Main EPS Wing Panels.
  • 2 Polyhedral EPS Wing Tips
  • Coro Parts (4) (Stab, Fin, Left/Right Fuse Sides)
  • Laser cut Aeroply sheet
  • ~500mm 6x2MM Carbon Fiber Strip
  • Aluminium Spar ( 3 Pcs – 1x 800mm 2x100mm )
  • Pushrods 2x 600mm each
  • 2 Nos Linkage Connectors
  • Battery Strap, Paper Knife
  • 2x Adhesive backed Lamination sheet.
  • 4x 12MM Round Neodymium Magnets
  • 2x Pushrod Guides
  • 2x CF Rod10cm ea
  • 2x CF Rod10cm ea
  • 4x Rubber Bands, Sand Paper
  • Instructional Manual

Expert Advice

Keep the speed up when flying this airplane. Fly it low, fly it fast, buzz around and have some fun ! Fly around with friends or chase them around with a simple FPV setup. This plane is just too much fun !

Kit Includes:

Build Videos

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Additional information

Weight4 kg
Wing Type

EPS-Trainer Wing, EPP-Aileron Wing, Both Wings