FT-Explorer Lasercut kit


The FT-Explorer is a versatile trainer / sport airplane that is easy to build, yet endless fun to fly. Precision laser Kit includes both the Trainer and sport wings. Completely modular design allows Nose, Motor mount, wings and the tail section to be easily removed and installed.

FT – Explorer

High Strength Paper Laminated Waterproof Foamboard

FliteBoard Pro is made up of 3/16″ (5MM) polystyrene (XPS) foam core, laminated on both sides with high quality super strong Poly-coated water resistant virgin Kraft paper making the Foam Boards lightweight, yet incredibly strong and completely water resistant. The paper lamination allows you to cut, score, fold, hinge easily to build popular RC models where you require a lightweight material that is durable and strong.

Extra strong Paper Laminated Foamboard

Alphaboards have a Bright white thick paper over the XPS Foam sheets. They are the strongest in our line up, but a bit heavy too. Extra strength ensures they can really take up a beating. Ideal to be used in the nose/belly area of an airplane, which is what gets stressed out the most.

Ultra Light Poly coated XPS Board

FliteBoard Lite+ is the lightest of the series made up of 3/16″ (5MM) Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam core, laminated on both sides with thin, light and clear lamination film. This yields an extremely lightweight water resistant board, that allows you to cut, score, fold, hinge easily to build popular RC models where weight is of utmost importance. Ideal for Tail surfaces and wings to get the CG right.



The FT-Explorer carries all the simple lines, features, and characteristics that you will find with many of the most common and successful trainers, such as the Hitec Easy Star, the Sky Surfer, and of course, the Hobbyking Bixler series. The difference is that the motor, wings, tail section, and nose can all be swapped, reconfigured, or changed out to allow you to discover the performance changes of a new design. Our hope is that the community will design, learn, and share what they have created, so others can learn and grow. Just like the Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer, The FT Explorer comes with 2 wings– one for 3 channel flight and a sport wing for faster 4 channel operation. Both the B and C motor packs (c packs need 9×6 propeller) can be used on the FT Explorer to go from a light and slow trainer to a strong performing FPV platform or sport trainer.


  • AUW: 850 gms
  • Weight Without Battery: 650gms
  • Wingspan: 57in/1448m
  • Length: 36.5in/927mm
  • Wing Area: 460 in2 / 29.7 dm2
  • CG Location: 2.25in/57mm from leading edge of the wing
  • WL: 7.54 oz./ft2 / 23 g/dm2
  • Control Throws
    • Aileron: 12 degrees
    • Elevator: 12 degrees
    • Rudder: 12 degrees

Recommended Equipment:

  • Motor: 2826 1400kv 200Wmin.
  • ESC: 30 amp
  • Battery: 2200 mAH 3s (min)
  • Servos: 9 gram X2 Trainer / X4 Sport
  • Prop: 8 X 5 / 9 X 6

Whats Included:

  • Laser-cut foam sheets ( 9 Sheets)
  • MDF Parts
    • Motor Mount
    • Control Horns (4)
  • Pushrods (4pcs) 75cm, 65cm, 16cmx2
  • Rubber Bands (4Pcs)
  • Battery Strap
  • Bamboo Skewers (3 long)
  • Pushrod guides (3)
  • Paper knife
  • Decals
  • Data Sheet

FT Explorer | Flite Test

FT Explorer – BUILD | Flite Test

Expert Advice:

As a first airplane, for for a glider like flying experience build with the trainer wing. As a second airplane, or for zipping around build the sport wing. Double check the CG location. Take time to watch the build video to make a straight and true airframe.

This kit has been based on the Flite Test plans freely available. Several modifications have been made to the original plans to suit the materials available to get the best performance/balance. For more information please read up here :

Kit Includes:
Laser Cut Alphaboard Sheets. :


Laser Cut FliteBoard Lite Sheets:
Laser Cut FliteBoard Pro Sheets :
Sport Wing Set:
Trainer Wing Set:
Stainless Steel Pushrods.


Kit Accessories :