Custom Hot Wire CNC

We do Custom Hot Wire CNC Cutting of Various Types of foam materials. This is ideally suited for Hot Wire cutting of Model Airplane, RC Plane UAV Wings. Fuselage Sections, Custom Foam Shapes, and even letters and figures.  Lets us look at each in detail .

  1. Wing Sections

Wings are the most popular things to cut with a Hot Wire.
There are primarily two types of wing sections that are popularly cut :

  • Tapered Wing ( Usually used in Flying wings, or in Tail section ( Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers )
  • Rectangular Wing ( Traditional Wing )

For Tapered Wings, you need to tell us the following information:
Root Chord (A)
Tip Chord (B)
Amount of Sweep (C)
Airfoil to use ( If separate airfoils on Root and Tip then each of them )
Twist, if Any.

For Rectangular Wings, you need to tell us :
Chord (A)
Airfoil to use ( If separate airfoils on Root and Tip then each of them )
Twist, if Any.


Spars can also be cut, however with a few limitations. Firstly since the wire cuts the spar, there will be always an entry point of the wire in the foam , so a 2MM across the length cut shall be there. Usually this can be easily glues up with some hot glue and scrap pieces of foam.

2. Fuselage Sections

Fuselage sections can also be cut out with a hot wire. We cut our Tuffstar fuselage entirely using the Hot Wire CNC.  Some complex fuselage designs can also be cut, but considering the limitation of the Hot wire CNC cutting process, this may need to be done in parts , ie for each cross section.


3. Custom Designs

Many times requirement of custom cutting of Foam shapes is there, this type of cutting is sometimes also used in packaging, or making custom designed parts. Simplest is usually to do a single cross section, and for this we require a 2D DXF file. However if the Taper/ 3D is required, we would need to discuss and design that.


4. Letters and Figures.

Letters and Figures can also be cut out using the Host wire CNC.



Primarily we cut 3 types of Foam using the Hot Wire CNC: EPS, EPP, and XPS.