Micro Bee 600mm Flying Wing


The TuffBirds MicroBee is a 600MM EPP Flying wing, thats lightweight, extremely durable, and incredibly portable and an amazing fun to fly airplane.
Pack it in a backpack, take it with you on your travels, and fly anywhere you like. With an All out weight of less than 250gms, this can give a flight time of upto 20 minutes.

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Micro Bee (600MM) FPV Flying Wing


Weighs less than 250gms
Extremely portable
Shipped within wing cores
Precision CNC Hot Wire Cut
Precision Laser Cut Parts
Almost unbreakable wings

Specifications :

  • WingSpan: 600MM
  • All-Up-Weight: 200-240gms
  • CG Location: 130MM back from Nose Tip.

Recommended Equipment:

  • 4-6 Channel Programmable Radio (Tx-Rx)
  • 1000-1400mah 2S Lipo
  • 6Amp-12Amp Brushless ESC
  • 2 Nos 5gms-9gms Servo
  • Micro Brushless Motor (12-20gms)
  • 5-6inch Propellor

Whats Included :

  • 2 EPP Wing Panels
  • Laser Cut Plywood sheet
  • ~320mm 5x1MM CF Strip
  • 2 Nos ~250mm 3×0.5 CF Strip
  • Corrugated Plastic 3MM Winglets ( 2Nos )
  • 1ft x 6ft 1.7Mil Lamination Film.
  • 2 Nos ~120mm Pushrods
  • 2 Nos Linkage Connectors
  • Battery Strap, Paper Knife
  • Elevon Throw Gauge
  • Instructional Manual

Expert Advice

Keep the speed up when flying this airplane. Fly it low, fly it fast, buzz around and have some fun ! Fly around with friends or chase them around with a simple FPV setup. This plane is just too much fun !

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